Client Love


"I highly recommend Gina's services to anyone looking to heal their inner child and boost their self-confidence. I had the privilege of working with Gina, and she truly transformed my life. Gina taught me invaluable tools and techniques that helped me heal deep-rooted wounds from my past. Through her guidance, I was able to connect with my inner child and provide the love and support that was missing during my upbringing. This healing process was incredibly powerful and allowed me to release old patterns and beliefs that were holding me back. Not only did Gina help me heal, but she also empowered me to become more confident in myself. She taught me practical strategies to overcome self-doubt and embrace my true potential. With her guidance, I learned to trust my instincts, set healthy boundaries, and believe in my abilities. Gina's approach is compassionate, non-judgmental, and tailored to each individual's needs. She creates a safe space for vulnerability and growth, allowing her clients to fully explore their emotions and experiences. Her deep understanding and expertise in inner child healing make her an exceptional coach. If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and increased self-confidence, I highly recommend reaching out to Gina. Her services are truly transformative, and I am forever grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life."

“During the time with Gina, I felt the ways that this container has opened me up more to my own Sacred Union within and connected me deeper to my own self. Really having this space to open up and explore my deeper desires, needs, wants and learning about what wounds are still present for me since my previous relationship that are limiting my own perspective of what’s possible in love and intimacy. This journey was so valuable for me in finding myself in an empowered way and embodying who I am, the space that was created was so supportive and fulfilling to my being. Would highly recommend doing this deep work and coming home to yourself in this way.”

“From the first moment with Gina, I felt a comfort with her that put my nervousness at ease immediately. Her gentle approach invited me to feel safe and to soften my guard. I quickly felt a trust and safety between us. Gina has a beautiful, authentic way of holding space. She listened with her heart and with genuine curiosity. She met me with empathy and compassion. She exhibited practiced skills and knowhow to really connect and guide me through some deep healing work. In only a few sessions, Gina led me to discover and recognize the limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck and stagnant. I have been able to shift into awareness of when and why I am in my old patterned behaviours and can focus on choosing a different approach. I always feel so uplifted and empowered after a session with Gina! Her accepting, nourishing, non-judgemental ways inspire me to offer that same love to myself; motivating me to heal and feel worthy of living my deepest desires! This is a challenging journey, but with the effective practices and tools Gina gave me, I know I can continue to deepen my connection with my true self and transform my wounds into wisdom and my pain into power!”

“Working with Gina has been incredible, I’ve learned so much about myself and the areas that I need to work on. Gina not only coaches by helping design a personalized plan of healing and actions, but she practices everything she teaches and it shows in how she works with you and how she lives. Gina is empathetic and genuinely cares and it shows in her specialized attention. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for knowing Gina and working with her.

“Gina’s coaching sessions always left me feeling energized and exhausted. Get ready to get down and do the raw, messy, real work. Working with my inner child, my divine goddess, and my present self was absolutely transformational. I highly recommend Gina’s safe, authentic, healing container to bring out your highest self. Gina helped me tap into my own intuition/guide, understand my own wants and needs in relationship, recognize patterns in my decision making, and start to transform the self in charge with confidence and compassion.”

“Each time I get excited all over again by how much this puzzle of the body and mind starts to make sense on so many levels! Gina’s approach to coaching and Tantra helps to connect the dots. Her soft, intelligent and feminine energy allows me each session to feel safe and have trust in this “root canal treatment” for the heart.”

“Gina helped me have several aha moments and breakthroughs in just a few sessions. I’ve had quite a bit of coaching in my time and was blown away by how she was able to guide me.”

“Working with Gina has been a dream. No one listens like Gina listens. She makes me feel so seen and heard. Her intuition is always right on the money and she guides me with so much love. I’ve felt incredibly empowered in her container. I highly recommend working with this queen!!”

“If you are looking for a coach who is safe to be with and has the ability to make things super light even though taking you through deeper processes then Gina is your girl. My sessions with her were full of ease which was soothing for my nervous system. At the same time she offered tools that were highly effective. She is the right mix of being fun friendly and focused!”

“Gina has helped me step into such an empowering relationship with my sexuality and is such a masterful guide on everything from body love to Pussy breathwork to orgasmic energy activation. She’s been such an important guide for reclaiming my sexuality. She leads me in a soulful way me back to my highest self and my truth every single session. She makes receiving coaching fun and playful while also going deep and creating such magical results!”

“Gina helped me to see how I was blocking my unique light and holding myself back in trauma cycles when it came to dating and love. Something that shifted a lot for me going forward was her ability to challenge me to look inward and find the perfect partner inside of me…. In just a few sessions, Gina helped me to see and acknowledge my inner child and help her to finally let my adult self take the wheel. The work with Gina goes deep and it created major shifts in my love life.”

“Gina creates an easeful and open environment immediately. She is so receptive that I felt safe to take time, stumble over my thoughts, feel unsure and live in that uncertainty. This was a gift, feeling so welcomed and able to journey at my own pace. Gina’s toolkit of exercises, practices and suggestions felt masterful, natural, and personalized. Her sessions always left me feeling more excited and capable about whatever might come next. “

“Gina is one of the most positive people ever! There is something special about her that makes it easy to work with her. She is able to connect with me on a deeper level and because she has been so many experiences so she is able to relate. She has been a staple for me when I am going through life’s challenges. She has helped change my perspective on a lot of patterns that I have wanted to change. not just health, but also in relationships. She helps me shifts my energy and helped me see where things are going well and what I want to change. I don’t know what I would do without her! I find that because she has experience in other fields, she is able to bring over different tools to help me even more in changing behaviours. She is always very patient, understanding, never judgmental, and she has excellent energy. It’s easy to vibe with her and she genuinely cares. She is energetic, vibrant and embodies the qualities of a thought leader. The one thing you should know is that Gina is very trustworthy. When you go into a session with Gina it is a safe area, where you can really open yourself up and explore what you want to create. I would highly recommend Gina!”

“I have had the pleasure of having Gina as my coach for the last 11 weeks. She has been so amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She gets me and I can feel it. She is so upbeat and positive. She has gotten my life on track, helped me learn to focus on myself and reach the goals I set out on day one. During my time with Gina my husband of 7 years walked out on me and our son and Gina was my constant source of motivation to keep going even when I felt like I couldn’t. When I fell she would pick me up, give me a gentle kick in the butt and get me moving again. She has made me feel unstoppable, completely empowered and ready to be the best me possible. I am a tough client, I self sabotage and I’m really busy so I didn’t always make time to do what she asked, but she was never judgemental. She was kind and understanding and always there to help me. Gina you are now a member of my tribe, I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me and all that I have learned from you. Thank you.”

"Working with Gina has been a beautiful experience. She has a remarkable ability to create a very safe and vulnerable space, allowing you to fully open up and speak the truth about your challenges. I also feel very validated, celebrated and seen in her presence. I learned so much during our sessions I’m not sure where to begin but the major transformations were around reclaiming my confidence and worthiness from a place of femininity, and really understanding that feminine energy does exist inside of me and how to embrace that side of myself to attract the right relationships into my life. I’m not exactly sure what piece of our sessions triggered it but I now actually have my eyes open to the possibility of finding a partner, which is something I consciously blocked out before."

“Gina is your coach for all things self-intimacy and self-pleasure exploration. Her guidance is impeccable. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of psychosomatic’s (mind-body connection). And her understanding around sex, pleasure and energetics is truly glorious. She creates such a safe and inviting space for you to go within and explore intimacy with yourself, to heal unprocessed emotions and connect deeper to your pleasure than ever before.
I would highly recommend Gina to anyone looking to heal and reconnect to their joy, pleasure and sexuality.”

“Working with Gina has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. She supported me on the toughest but absolutely most necessary healing journey while I learned to love myself, during the most difficult time in my life. Her empathy, kindness, wisdom and positive energy have nourished me and helped me weather the toughest storms. I’ve broken barriers with myself I never thought possible and I’m becoming the woman I know I deserve to be thanks to this queen.”

“Gina is a joyful and embodied queen. Being in her presence is a whole learning experience in itself. She is incredibly gifted and committed to her practice. Having trained multiple modalities, she is able to draw from a diverse set of somatic, coaching, and psychotherapeutic tools to guide you towards your deepest healing, and most expansive liberation. In our work together, I learned that I can live my most fully expressed life. I learned and experienced moving through blocks towards my highest sensual expression that is still in my body. I learned more about what I want, what I need, and what I don’t want.”

"First, I think it’s a privilege to have a soul like Gina guiding and coaching me. This experience has served me in greater ways. I have been working through a lot since a long time ago and always thought many things had been healed or worked on, only to discover that it wasn’t. “Discovering” meaning that together we navigated through some layers that hadn’t been touched, especially in regards to my inner child and hadn’t acknowledged or realized the depth of these and how important it is to recognize them. Accepting they exist and understanding many of the why’s of many emotions has empowered me to feel more comfortable with myself, with my emotions, reactions, ways of understanding them and even how I can approach certain decisions. It always felt so safe and felt held by Gina. It would become easier and easier to express myself in many ways and she definitely could find her way through some “blockages” so we could tap and work through different aspects I had not seen before. I have gained so much self empowerment, more clarity and compassion within myself. I am less judgmental and more accepting of who I am. I have self love and self care with a different perspective of what we have been conditioned to believe. I created awareness in how to deal more carefully with my little self. Thank you Gina for this beautiful work you’ve done as a coach and for sharing your authentic and genuine gift of light to feel more intune and comfortable with our beautiful self. Love you!"

"I want to give a shout out to my amazing somatic coach Gina. The shifts I've made since I started with her are unprecedented in the 11 years I've been doing therapy. In my consistent work with her and her wonderful partner this year I've stepped into a flow of living that is more juicy and exciting with more loving connection than ever before. I've never experienced this FREEDOM to live within and be guided by my heart."