Sexual Reclamation Coaching

I help you clear old narratives about your sexuality and create a new and empowering connection to your true, sensual essence and wild nature. I teach you how to harness the power of your orgasm and use of self-pleasure and embodiment practices to heal and thrive.

Create a new and empowering narrative around sex and begin living a more pleasurable and sensual life.

We can explore:

Understanding the power of orgasm and how to achieve them

Sexual healing and the integration of trauma, shame, guilt and fear

The use of breath, sound, movement, focus and energy in sexuality

Sex in partnership and self-pleasuring

Address female desire and libido issues

“Gina has helped me step into such an empowering relationship with my sexuality and is such a masterful guide on everything from body love to Pussy breathwork to orgasmic energy activation. She’s been such an important guide for reclaiming my sexuality.

She leads me in a soulful way me back to my highest self and my truth every single session. She makes receiving coaching fun and playful while also going deep and creating such magical results!”
– Sara, Puerto Rico

“I love working with Gina! Not only is she super fun to work with, I love her playful positive attitude, she is also a fantastic space holder. Gina creates a very nourishing safe space and has this amazing ability to gently and quickly move quite deep. I got amazing insights and tools from all our sessions that have helped me uncover and explore how and why I am showing up the way I am in dating, where I am subconsciously making compromises and giving away my power and how to show up from a deeper place of self love and agency.”

– Jasmin, Zurich, Switzerland

In this container you will radically transform how you relate to your sexuality with specialized coaching and embodiment tools that lead to true and lasting change.