Erotic Upgrade

Sacred Pleasure with the Jade Egg

Rediscover your sacred power within, by awakening your sexuality through Tantra and Taoist inspiring practices

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Somatic Coaching:

With this approach to coaching, we’ll explore the power of uncovering the connections between your body, mind and energy to rewire and liberate emotions and stuck energy. We’ll work on enhancing embodied awareness, create empowering relationships with parts of yourself that need loving presence, and deepening the connection to your own desires.

Jade Egg Practices:

In 1-1 guided rituals led virtually, you’ll receive guidance on the ancient wisdom of the Jade Egg practice. Think of this as a combination of the most epic breathwork, meditation and solo-pleasure practice that helps you cultivate self-healing, vitality, and a profound connection with your sensuality. These practices are known to enhance pleasure and sensation, improve intimacy and embrace a newfound confidence in your body.

Taoist Healing Modalities

As part of my journey in the world of Tantra and sex coaching, I’ve learned incredible practices from the Taoist tradition that I will share with you. These practices include breast massage, ovarian breathing and inner organ healing techniques that work with parts of the body to cultivate greater health and aliveness.

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