Conscious Dating Coaching

 I help you clear your old blueprint of attracting partners and up-level how you view yourself and your worthiness. I teach you how to use self-pleasure and manifestation to clear the way in for the partner you truly desire and address the fears that keep you from opening fully in dating and relationships.

Start dating from a place of self-love and self-pleasure so you can have a dating and sex life that actually feels good.

We can explore:

Understanding why you attract certain partners and repel others

Transforming insecurity and unworthiness into confidence and worthiness

Learning in-depth tools for magnetizing and forming a lasting relationship with a dream partner

Understanding why you are blocked to relationships and why you may struggle in dating so you can thrive in the dating world

“I love working with Gina! Not only is she super fun to work with, I love her playful positive attitude, she is also a fantastic space holder. Gina creates a very nourishing safe space and has this amazing ability to gently and quickly move quite deep. I got amazing insights and tools from all our sessions that have helped me uncover and explore how I am showing up in dating and where I can continue to show up with self-love and empowerment.”
Jasmin, Zurich, Switzerland

“Gina helped me to see how I was blocking my unique light and holding myself back in trauma cycles when it came to dating and love. Something that shifted a lot for me going forward was her ability to challenge me to look inward and find the perfect partner inside of me…. In just a few sessions, Gina helped me to see and acknowledge my inner child and help her to finally let my adult self take the wheel.  The work with Gina goes deep and it created major shifts in my love life.”

Taylor, Berlin, Germany

“Gina’s coaching sessions always left me feeling energized and exhausted. Get ready to get down and do the raw, messy, real work. Working with my inner child, my divine goddess, and my present self was absolutely transformational. I highly recommend Gina’s safe, authentic, healing container to bring out your highest self. Gina helped me tap into my own intuition/guide, understand my own wants and needs in relationship, recognize patterns in my decision making, and start to transform the self in charge with confidence and compassion.”

Rebeca, California, USA

In this container you will radically transform how you relate to yourself and others with specialized coaching and embodiment tools that lead to true and lasting change.