Liberated Love:

1-1 Love and Intimacy Coaching

This program is for women who want to get to the root of their love and intimacy blocks and live from self-love and sensuality but haven’t figured out how to make that happen.

Sounds easy, right? Actually, it’s deep and challenging work- but I’m here to help!
Also, hey, it’s okay. I’ve been there and I got myself out of the mud!

You want to have the partnership of your dreams but it scares the shit out of you. You’re excited by romance, but also overwhelmed.

OR You want to deepen intimacy with your current partner and not sure where to start creating this.

You have limiting beliefs around love and intimacy and you want to feel more empowered, in your body and in the moment.

You may not feel worthy of having what you desire. You want to have sex, love, and relationships that make you feel alive but it hasn’t happened yet.

You've had negative experiences in relationships that are holding you back from surrendering to love. You want to feel safety and belonging within yourself and in a relationship.

You know you can have a deeper understanding of your emotions and what’s stopping you from taking bold steps in dating and love, but don’t know what to do next.

You can sense your inner child needs healing, but you need a safe and compassionate space to make this happen.

This is for you if…
You want to get clear on your desires and how to make them a reality through connecting with your body’s wisdom…because trying to do everything from the mind has only gotten you so far.

You’re ready to embody your desires and step into a new reality of living your most radiant and sensual self.

You want to heal your inner child and relational patterns and approach relationships from a healthy and whole place.

You want to feel safe in your sexuality, embody a sense of love and belonging that radiates self-love and self-pleasure.

You want to attract people that are in alignment with your highest desires.

You want to have intimacy with your partner or partners that feels exciting, loving, and deeply connected.

You want to be guided by someone skilled and compassionate who can help you step into your true essence and transform from the root of your trauma.

This is not for you if…

You only want to talk and not get into the deep feelings and shadows.

You’re only willing to look at your issues from a cognitive perspective.

You’re not comfortable dropping into the body and uncovering blockages deep in your cells.

You aren’t willing to at least try meditation, breathwork and Tantric approaches to love and intimacy (because, honey, that’s the juice right there!)

You’ve struggled for long enough, now it’s time to fully love yourself and feel good about sex, love and relationships.

“Working with Gina has been so supportive, transformational and healing for my self love journey. She created a safe and loving container for me to move through the blocks and stories that were holding me back from standing in my full potential. Each session was so potent with Gina’s embodied wisdom, which allowed me to have profound releases and realizations on my healing journey. Through my coaching work with Gina, I am now able to honor myself with love, acceptance and a deep reverence for all aspects of my being. I would highly recommend for anyone to work with Gina who is looking to tap into the most vibrant, sensual and empowered version of themselves.”

-Jessica, Ontario, Canada

“During the time with Gina, I felt the ways that this container has opened me up more to my own sacred Union within and connected me deeper to my own self. Really having this space to open up and explore my deeper desires, needs, wants and learning about what wounds are still present for me since my previous relationship that are limiting my own perspective of what’s possible in love and intimacy. This journey was so valuable for me in finding myself in an empowered way and embodying who I am, the space that was created was so supportive and fulfilling to my being. Would highly recommend doing this deep work and coming home to yourself in this way.”

– Andj, Ontario, Canada

“Gina helped me to see how I was blocking my unique light and holding myself back in trauma cycles when it came to dating and love. Something that shifted a lot for me going forward was her ability to challenge me to look inward and find the perfect partner inside of me…. In just a few sessions, Gina helped me to see and acknowledge my inner child and help her to finally let my adult self take the wheel.  The work with Gina goes deep and it created major shifts in my love life.” 

– Taylor, Berlin, Germany

“I always feel so uplifted and empowered after a session with Gina! Her accepting, nourishing, non-judgemental ways inspire me to offer that same love to myself; motivating me to heal and feel worthy of living my deepest desires! This is a challenging journey, but with the effective practices and tools Gina gave me, I know I can continue to deepen my connection with my true self and transform my wounds into wisdom and my pain into power!”

– Kim S., Ontario, Canada

“Gina creates an easeful and open environment immediately. She is so receptive that I felt safe to take time, stumble over my thoughts, feel unsure and live in that uncertainty…. Gina’s toolkit of exercises, practices and suggestions felt masterful, natural, and personalized. Her sessions always left me feeling more excited and capable about whatever might come next.”

– Melanie, Ontario, Canada

What You’ll Learn

We’re going to go deep and get to the root of how your inner child, past trauma and relationship patterns are affecting your love, sex and relationships. You will get crystal clear on your desires and create an inner environment that allows you to thrive.

We will explore:

Rewiring your nervous system to create sexual safety, love and belonging so you can say “yes” to feeling high vibration states.

Identifying, understanding and releasing long-held stagnant energy from past relationships and family patterns and getting what you need from your own inner masculine and inner feminine.

Healing and integrating childhood wounds and conditioning patterns and learn how to deeply care for you inner child, becoming the wise loving presence you need.

Clearing blockages, fears and doubts and believing in your own worthiness and deservedness.

Learning tools for building healthy, vibrant relationships and communicating what you want.

How it works:

We will work together in an intimate 4 month container via video chat. You, me, and all your beautiful emotions and wounds, and desires and dreams will be invited to sit at the throne of your heart as you reclaim your true essence of self-love, joy and pleasure. Crown on!  

You’ll have home play (e.g. inner work, journaling and Tantric based embodiment practices, that are deep and FUN) between our sessions to help you integrate and evolve even when we’re not face-to-face. After four months of working together you’ll be blown away by how much you’ve healed and how much you love yourself.

 You will get: 

Me as your 1-1 coach to guide and support you to become the most liberated and glowing version of yourself

Tailored practices to reconnect you to your body, heart and intuition

Recorded meditations and embodiment practices to support your healing between sessions based on your needs

Ten 60-90 mins sessions over 4 months with space between to digest and integrate

Access to personalized journal prompts and PDF resources tailored for what we’re working on

Option to record each session to review again to help you crystalize tools and learning (if this speaks to you! Totally optional)

Investment $3500

 10 Sessions over 4 months

More about me

When I began my own healing journey, I had started with talk therapy. This was helpful and it got me to the point that I understood how trauma was affecting my thoughts and emotions. I realized that the pain and fear was still stuck in my body and I kept making the same, at times harmful, choices in sex and relationships.

As a survivor of sexual abuse in childhood and later experiencing emotional abuse within an intimate partnership, I thought I was cursed, that sex was performative and meeting my soul mate would be a fantasy never to come to fruition. 

I finally realized I was not practicing full and complete self-love. I also discovered that my body and sexuality were sacred and I needed to relate them as so. Despite knowing this, my expression of self-worth was not in line with the truth of who I was. 

I still dated unavailable partners, I looked outside myself for validation and I was still searching for the joy, pleasure and embodiment I had seen in others. However, underneath the surface, I did not yet believe it was truly possible for me. 

My healing eventually took me back to therapy, this time I also connected with spiritual guidance and the deeply transformative work of VITA sex, love and relationship coaching and the practice of Tantra. I’m now happily in a healthy, secure relationship and feel more connected and loving towards my heart, body and sexuality than ever before. And I’m excited to guide you on your own journey of rediscovery. 

The tools that transformed my path are the ones I will be sharing with you in our work together. 

I have sat with hundreds of clients in my mental health and trauma therapy practice, that gives me the ability to hold you in all your big feelings and pain. 

My intensive study under renowned sex coach Layla Martin has trained me to become a trauma-informed sex, love and relationship coach. I have been mentored by an incredible Tantra Teacher and Relationship Counselor (Viktoria, Playful Loving) for the last 2.5 years, and learned from expert teachers such as Mama Gena, Esther Perel, and Bessel Vander Kolk. I am also a certified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Sound Healing Guide and have completed countless training in psychotherapy. I got you!

My clients say I provide a safe, compassionate, and gentle approach to the deep healing work we do together. They say our container will help you “come home to yourself”. Guiding you in this journey home is my great honour. You deserve epic healing and to live your greatest desires.

“Working with Gina has been incredible, I’ve learned so much about  myself and the areas that I need to work on. 

Gina not only coaches  by helping design a personalized plan of healing and actions, but she practices everything she teaches and it shows in how she works with you and how she lives. 

Gina is empathetic and genuinely cares and it shows in her specialized  attention. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for knowing Gina and working with her.”

– Monique, Ontario, Canada

“Gina helped me have several aha moments and breakthroughs in just a few sessions. I’ve had quite a bit of coaching in my time and was blown away by how she was able to guide me.” 

Angela, San Diego, USA

“Working with Gina has been a dream! No one listens like Gina listens. She makes me feel so seen and heard. Her intuition is always right on the money and she guides me with so much love. I’ve felt incredibly empowered in her container. I highly recommend working with this queen!!”

– Sara, New York, USA

“If you are looking for a coach who is safe to be with and has the ability to make things super light even though taking you through deeper processes then Gina is your girl.
My sessions with her were full of ease which was soothing for my nervous system. At the same time she offered tools that were highly effective. She is the right mix of being fun friendly and focused!”

– Sughanda, India

In this container you will learn, embody and radically transform using the best tools for true and lasting change.
I work with a limited number of clients each year.

I’d love to hear from you.
Tell me a bit about your journey, the good, bad and the ugly, what your greatest desires are and what support you’re looking for.
You’ve struggled for long enough, now it’s time to fully love yourself and feel good about sex, love and relationships.