Gina Marie

Love & Intimacy Coach

Sometimes people say the struggles in your life really show you who you are.

From an early age, I remember knowing there was a deep state of love and connection available to me. I could sense it in my heart, see it in my imaginations, fantasies and I could feel it in my body. I couldn’t put words to it, however I had an inner knowing that a well of pleasure and passion and connection with myself and others was a part of this worldly existence. Along the way, I became distant to that inner knowing.  I picked up some “baggage” on this trip of life.

Much of this luggage was not mine. I picked up the unprocessed pain of my parents. Conditioning from society about love and sex were muddled in my psyche. I internalized negative messages from the environments and people I was around. I experienced trauma from relationships that were never aligned but I found myself in anyways. I started to believe love was found outside myself and that sex was purely lust and performative and, to be honest, was for other’s pleasure and certainly not mine!

“As I peeled away the layers of pain, shame, conditioning, ancestral trauma, I came home to myself.”

A string of relationships and a series of traumatic events unfolded, sexual abuse, physical trauma and an abusive relationship. 

The latter two happened all at once and particularly broke me. One took my physical pleasure away for a time (serious spinal cord injury) and one broke my heart and spirit (an abusive relationship). I was broken in pieces, literally and figuratively. 

However, this breaking open was a part of a divine path, a journey back to the heart, back to pleasure, as I peeled away the layers of pain, shame, conditioning, ancestral trauma, I came home to myself. 

I returned to the inner knowing I tapped into many years ago, one that joy, pleasure, love was my true essence. I realized all the times my inner child (Little Gina) was hurt and needed a wise loving adult.

What I have learned through all my struggles, heartbreaks, and breakdowns, it that no matter how hard our experience appears to be, we ALWAYS have the power and ability to HEAL!

I dove into the healing journey, crown chakra first! Then I realized I had to get clear from the root and provide myself the safety, belonging, and acceptance I deserved. 

I did all the things! Therapist, spiritual healing, coaching, meditation… These were all integral parts of my return to wholeness. 

However, it was my desire to heal my patterns of relating to my sexuality and romantic partners that was the missing piece. I nerded out on books and courses about sacred sexuality, sexual science, relationship therapy, pleasure, you name it – I have it on my book shelf. 

I enrolled in the VITA Coaching Program by renowned sex coach and Tantric educator Layla Martin and went into the self-love and sexual healing boot camp. I received hours and hours of coaching, immersed myself in the practices and began the journey of Tantra to heal my heart and embody the sensuality that IS Me. 

I got SUPER clear on my wounding patterns, inner child needs and processed emotions stuck in my body through embodiment practices that were NEXT LEVEL. I began relating to my sexuality from a place of innocence and empowerment. 

Rising in love with myself, first. And then, I found myself in the present, co-creating a beautiful partnership with my soul mate and living the life I always dreamed of.

I understand this journey of clearing the way for love, sacred sexuality and relationships deeply. 

And I want to support you in your healing, integrating inner child wounds, transforming trauma, relational patterns, so you can come back to the true love that lives inside you and was there all along. 

I do this through compassionate space holding, helping you map out your desires, and reclaim sexual sovereignty. 

I teach you how to fully listen to your body’s wisdom, and find blockages to love and desire, integrate them with loving presence and powerful tools of embodiment. 

I guide and offer tailored meditation and breathwork for deeper healing and support a new sexual story, living from full self-pleasure and self-love.

I love everything to do with love, intimacy and healing. And I can help you dive into those parts of your life from a place of compassion, giving you space and permission to put the pieces together and thrive!

Selected Experience & Trainings

13 years as a mental health clinician with focus in trauma, mindfulness, and psychotherapy


Coach Certifications

Additional Training

Mental Health Training

In my career as a mental health clinician, I have completed multiple trainings in the following areas:

My mission is to create a space for you to discover your true desires, heal from the past and rediscover yourself as sacred.