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Do you desire limitless sexual pleasure and unconditional self-love?

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You know deep down you were destined for something more. You’ve done “all the things”, paved the way in your career, done a ton of healing and now you’re ready to take the quantum leap to your fullest sensual expression.

Most importantly, you’re a woman, who knows in her bones that she’s ready to embody self-love, experience the greatest pleasure, and create the deepest intimacy that meets her heart and soul.

This is a personalized 1:1 devoted coaching journey that is intimate and deeply transformational. It is a journey back home to yourself designed to guide you to see and feel all parts of you – your feminine, masculine, emotions, pains and pleasures – as a deeply sacred source of empowerment.

Sound familiar?

Who you are:

What You’ll Achieve:

This is about healing the disconnect from your body, heart and soul. This is deep and challenging work- but I’m here to help!

We’re going to go deep and get to the root of how your inner child, past trauma and relationship patterns are affecting your love, sex and relationships.

You will get crystal clear on your desires and create an inner environment that allows you to thrive.

You will learn, among many many tools!…

My Release & Reclaim Method

1. Desire

2. Rewire

3. Reparent

4. Reclaim


10 Session Journey

Transformation 1: Desire Embodiment System

We will first connect with what you are wanting most and examine your beliefs and blocks about these desires and where you may be stuck or holding yourself back.

I’ll guide you through a powerful process of envisioning your desires and integrating blocks to having what you want.

Transformation 2: Relating from True Self-Love

Build a loving relationship with yourself by learning how to speak your own Love Languages in all areas of your life.

Relate to others from a deep place of wholeness, self-awareness and connection.

Transformation 3: Creating an Empowering Sexual Narrative

Identify and release outdated beliefs and conditioning around sex, pleasure and orgasm.

Create a new and empowering narrative around sex and begin living a more pleasurable and sensual life.

Transformation 4: Sensual and Sexual Reclamation

Understand and embody your unique sexual blueprint for self-connection and intimacy to expand your sensual expression from a place of authenticity.

Harness the power of your orgasm and use of self-pleasure and embodiment practices to heal and thrive.

Transformation 5: Healing the Feminine/Mother Wound

Unlearn unhelpful narratives about the feminine and heal remaining mother and sister wounds holding you back from full feminine embodiment.

Redefine your inner relationship with your own inner feminine and learn to live in harmony and balance with your feminine and masculine energies.

Transformation 6: Healing the Masculine/Father Wound

Release stagnant energy from past relationships and family patterns related to the masculine. 

Heal your relationship with your own inner masculine, learn how to give yourself what you need and relate to the masculine from a healthy and loving place.

Transformation 7: Embracing the Inner Child

Identify and heal core wounds that are impacting your love, sex and relationships in the present.

Build a safe and loving relationship with your inner child and become the wise loving presence they need to thrive.

Transformation 8: Emotional Empowerment

Releasing shame, anger, guilt, grief or other emotions that are blocking pleasure, self-love and deep intimacy through liberatory somatic practices.

Meet your emotions with loving presence and develop mastery over your inner world so you can uplevel self-love and foster conscious relating in your life.

Transformation 9: Living from Pleasure

Learn the power of intentional self-pleasure through guided practices and rituals to enliven pleasure, healing, and manifestation.

Create a deep connection to your body, your sensuality and sexuality that is powerful and loving.

Transformation 10: Reclaiming Wildness and Power

Reclaim the wild, feminine and intuitive nature of your true essence.

Live in flow with your cycle, step into your energetic power and magnetize from a place of wholeness.

Some of the topics we will also explore

This Is For You If:

This is not for you if:

You’ve struggled for long enough, now it’s time to fully love yourself and feel good about sex, love and relationships

How it works

We will meet 2 x per month for 5 months online via Zoom.

You’ll have home play (e.g. inner work, journaling and Tantric based embodiment practices, that are deep and FUN) between our sessions to help you integrate and evolve even when we’re not face-to-face.

You, me, and all your beautiful emotions and wounds, and desires and dreams will be invited to sit at the throne of your heart as you reclaim your true essence of self-love, joy and pleasure. Crown on!

You’ll be blown away by how much you’ve healed and how much you love yourself.

You will get:

All resources are yours to keep forever



Investment $3,500

I work with limited number of clients at a time. Payment plans are available

Payment Plans


pay in full


monthly for 4 months


monthly for 6 months

About Gina

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Masters of Science

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Psychology

5 Specialized Coaching Certifications in

  • Sex, Love & Relationships
  • Female Sexuality
  • Conscious Dating
  • Life & Health Coaching

Why I created my coaching program

When I began my own healing journey, I started with talk therapy. This was helpful and it got me to the point that I understood how my conditioning and trauma was affecting my thoughts and emotions. I realized that the pain and fear was still stuck in my body and I kept making the same, at times harmful, choices in sex and relationships.

As a survivor of sexual abuse in childhood and later experiencing emotional abuse within an intimate partnership, I thought I was cursed, that sex was performative and meeting my soul mate would be a fantasy never to come to fruition. I realized I was not practicing full and complete self-love. I discovered that my body and sexuality were sacred and I needed to relate them as so.

Despite knowing this, my expression of self-worth was not in line with the truth of who I was. I still dated unavailable partners, I looked outside myself for validation and I was still searching for the joy, pleasure and embodiment I had seen in others. However, underneath the surface, I did not yet believe it was truly possible for me.

My healing eventually took me back to therapy, this time I also connected with spiritual guidance and the deeply transformative work of VITA sex, love and relationship coaching and the practice of Tantra.

I’m now happily in a healthy, secure relationship with the love of my life and feel more connected and loving towards my heart, body and sexuality than ever before. And I’m excited to guide you on your own journey of rediscovery. The tools that transformed my path are the ones I will be sharing with you in our work together.

I have sat with hundreds of clients in my mental health and trauma therapy practice, that gives me the ability to hold you in all your big feelings and pain.

My intensive study under renowned sex coach Layla Martin has trained me to become a trauma-informed sex, love and relationship coach. I specialized in Female Sexuality and Conscious Dating while continuing training in Relationship Coaching and Jade Egg! 

I have been mentored by an incredible Tantra Teacher and Relationship Counselor (Viktoria, Playful Loving) for the last 2.5 years, and learned from expert teachers such as Mama Gena, Esther Perel, and Bessel Vander Kolk.

I am also a certified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Sound Healing Guide, Breathwork Facilitator and have completed countless training in psychotherapy. I got you!

My clients say I provide a safe, compassionate, and gentle approach to the deep healing work we do together. They say our container will help you “come home to yourself”. Guiding you in this journey home is my great honour. You deserve epic healing and to live your greatest desires.

Client Love

“Gina is your coach for all things self-intimacy and self-pleasure exploration. Her guidance is impeccable. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of psychosomatic’s (mind-body connection). And her understanding around sex, pleasure and energetics is truly glorious. She creates such a safe and inviting space for you to go within and explore intimacy with yourself, to heal unprocessed emotions and connect deeper to your pleasure than ever before.
I would highly recommend Gina to anyone looking to heal and reconnect to their joy, pleasure and sexuality.”

“Working with Gina has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. She supported me on the toughest but absolutely most necessary healing journey while I learned to love myself, during the most difficult time in my life. Her empathy, kindness, wisdom and positive energy have nourished me and helped me weather the toughest storms. I’ve broken barriers with myself I never thought possible and I’m becoming the woman I know I deserve to be thanks to this queen.”

“Gina is a joyful and embodied queen. Being in her presence is a whole learning experience in itself. She is incredibly gifted and committed to her practice. Having trained multiple modalities, she is able to draw from a diverse set of somatic, coaching, and psychotherapeutic tools to guide you towards your deepest healing, and most expansive liberation. In our work together, I learned that I can live my most fully expressed life. I learned and experienced moving through blocks towards my highest sensual expression that is still in my body. I learned more about what I want, what I need, and what I don’t want.”

“Working with Gina has been so supportive, transformational and healing for my self love journey. She created a safe and loving container for me to move through the blocks and stories that were holding me back from standing in my full potential. Each session was so potent with Gina’s embodied wisdom, which allowed me to have profound releases and realizations on my healing journey. Through my coaching work with Gina, I am now able to honor myself with love, acceptance and a deep reverence for all aspects of my being. I would highly recommend for anyone to work with Gina who is looking to tap into the most vibrant, sensual and empowered version of themselves.”

"First, I think it’s a privilege to have a soul like Gina guiding and coaching me. This experience has served me in greater ways. I have been working through a lot since a long time ago and always thought many things had been healed or worked on, only to discover that it wasn’t. “Discovering” meaning that together we navigated through some layers that hadn’t been touched, especially in regards to my inner child and hadn’t acknowledged or realized the depth of these and how important it is to recognize them. Accepting they exist and understanding many of the why’s of many emotions has empowered me to feel more comfortable with myself, with my emotions, reactions, ways of understanding them and even how I can approach certain decisions. It always felt so safe and felt held by Gina. It would become easier and easier to express myself in many ways and she definitely could find her way through some “blockages” so we could tap and work through different aspects I had not seen before. I have gained so much self empowerment, more clarity and compassion within myself. I am less judgmental and more accepting of who I am. I have self love and self care with a different perspective of what we have been conditioned to believe. I created awareness in how to deal more carefully with my little self. Thank you Gina for this beautiful work you’ve done as a coach and for sharing your authentic and genuine gift of light to feel more intune and comfortable with our beautiful self. Love you!"

"I want to give a shout out to my amazing somatic coach Gina. The shifts I've made since I started with her are unprecedented in the 11 years I've been doing therapy. In my consistent work with her and her wonderful partner this year I've stepped into a flow of living that is more juicy and exciting with more loving connection than ever before. I've never experienced this FREEDOM to live within and be guided by my heart.

In this container you will learn, embody and radically transform using the best tools for true and lasting change.

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