Love Intimacy Healing

Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching

This is a place to:

Break unhealthy patterns in love, sex and relationships so that you can create lasting self-love and live your most sensual life.

Get clear on your desires and create the vibrant relationship with yourself and a partner that you deserve.

Learn what you did not learn in school and in your family about your love languages and relationships.

Learn about and care for your inner child and begin to heal yourself.

Get clear about what you need in your relationships and attract the loving relationship you desire.




Hi, I’m Gina Marie!

I have 12 years of experience as a mental health clinician with years of training and knowledge in trauma, emotional regulation and psychotherapy. I have an excellent skill in giving my clients permission to feel safe, heard and guiding people to overcome their fears and setbacks to live the life they desire and deserve.

As a student of Layla Martin’s intensive VITA Sex, Love and Relationship coach training, I have countless tools to guide you towards your goals in dating, relationships and sexuality. Although, it is the profound learning from my own personal experiences that allow me to connect with your heart, hold you as you move past your stuck points and meet you with a well of compassion. I have gone through the relationship mistake bootcamp of life!

As a former serial dater, survivor of an abusive relationship, and former anxious avoidant now securely attached queen of her own life, I know what it’s like to long for the connection, pleasure, and expansion we are destined for but feel so distant from.

My passion is to see others achieve the vibrancy and pleasure that I know is possible. That is why I have taken all my experiences and channeled my passion for growth and self-healing, and my skills as a coach to help women just like you:

  • Get  you clear on your unconscious beliefs and patterns driving your decisions and choices in relationship
  • Reconnect you with your body and develop attunement to your own body’s wisdom
  • Reclaim your true essence of self-love, joy and pleasure
  • Develop deep understanding of your sexuality, desires and preferences
  • Learn tools to ask for what you need, desire and set healthy boundaries


I work with people who are ready to:

Engage in mind, body and heart healing

Dive into embodiment tools such as meditation and breathwork

Create the love, sensuality and passionate romance they desire

You ALWAYS have the POWER and ability to HEAL !

Client Love

“Gina helped me to see how I was blocking my unique light and holding myself back in trauma cycles when it came to dating and love. Something that shifted a lot for me going forward was her ability to challenge me to look inward and find the perfect partner inside of me…. In just a few sessions, Gina helped me to see and acknowledge my inner child and help her to finally let my adult self take the wheel.  The work with Gina goes deep and it created major shifts in my love life.”

– Taylor, Berlin, Germany

“I always feel so uplifted and empowered after a session with Gina! Her accepting, nourishing, non-judgemental ways inspire me to offer that same love to myself; motivating me to heal and feel worthy of living my deepest desires!  This is a challenging journey, but with the effective practices and tools Gina gave me, I know I can continue to deepen my connection with my true self and transform my wounds into wisdom and my pain into power!”

– Kim S., Ontario, Canada

“Each time I get excited all over again by how much this puzzle of the body and mind starts to make sense on so many levels! Gina’s approach to coaching and Tantra helps to connect the dots. Her soft, intelligent and feminine energy allows me each session to feel safe and have trust in this “root canal treatment,” for the heart 🤍.”

– Kinneret, Ontario, Canada

“If there is anything in your life that you want to change, but aren’t sure how to make it happen, do yourself a favor and book a consultation with Gina. She is a gift to this world.”

Willa, Florida, USA

“…Gina was my constant source of motivation to keep going even when I felt like I couldn’t. When I fell she would pick me up, give me a gentle kick in the butt and get me moving again. She has made me feel unstoppable, completely empowered and ready to be the best me possible.”

Jessica Holly, New Brunswick, Canada

“I am grateful to Gina for helping me arrive at my manifesto that I’ve been searching for a very long time today. All of the workshop exercises had a flow and purpose that lead to the result promised. Thank you so much!”

Toru G., Workshop Participant 

“What an incredible, powerful, emotional, uplifting day! I am so grateful and feel so invested into continuing my [self-love] practice.”

Jasmin E., Workshop Participant